Monday, June 3, 2013

I don't know who to talk to..


Ezza, I need you badly Ezza.. before I kill myself, I want to talk to you..

Do you remember how much I told you that I really love Taufik? well I still do, in fact, I think I love him too much. Don't get me wrong, I feel happy with him, I want to be with him but sometimes, I can't fool myself. Ezza, yesterday someone made a confession that he love me. anonymously. He didn't tell me who he is but I have a strong feeling that I knew him. He's being too sweet and nice and said "I'll wait for you Asmira, again". Obviously I let him down in the past. I told him to just forget about me and move on because I have a boyfriend and I love him so much.

And he said,

"You're adorable. You are worth a shot to wait for. I'll just give a fighting chance that I will wait for you. Waiting for an opportunity isn't bad at all"

Ezza, this anonymous guy right here, has touch my broken heart. No one had ever say that to me. Ezza, I love Taufik so much I can't imagine myself being without him. But sometimes it tear me apart how Taufik treated me. I need my boyfriend. I need to hear that he loves me. I need to know that he needs me as much as I need him. But it doesn't seem to be that way. Most of the time I was being too careful, I was being too caring, I was being too sweet to him and I got nothing back in return. I know he might not know how to show his gratitude or love towards me but this is killing me Ezza..

He wants me to be like him, he wants me to listen to him, to obey him. We are not even married but I feel this greatest 'pendam perasaan' I ever had. I love him so much Ezza but I can't feel the love from him. Someone, out there is waiting for me, wanting to pore his love to me but I rejected him because I am in love with this kampung guy that do not know how to appreciate me. but I love him so much and I really wish that he knew how much sacrifices of feelings I have made.

I try not to think about him but I can't. I love him Ezza. This stupid heart of mine fall hard for him.

I really wish you are here. I wanna hug you. I wanna cry on your shoulder Ezza. I need you, badly..

Your best pal.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What really happened last year..


Readers sekalian, kalau anda follower blog ni dari mula, korang perasan URL dah bertukar. Selain tu, semua post sebanyak 70 lebih dah di remove. Ada suatu masa last year, aku dapat email, messages yang bertanyakan, kenapa sa susunod di private kan. so, here is why..

Well actually, I don't feel safe typing this. There are some people nearby whose been tracking and stalking me. I received a call this morning. Not a happy one. Lets just say, the same thing is happening again. I don't cherish being stalk. Especially when they make their moves. Last year was bad enough, I had to leave everything. Leave the people that I loved. Moved on. It's not easy. Behind this smile and laughter, a deep scar is buried inside.

There is this one bad thing keeps happening to me. People often feel I am a threat. Ever since I was in school, I get letters. "surat layang". Its always says the same, "keep yourself away from my boy". Once in college, I get a Facebook message asking me to stay away from her brother. I'm telling you, Its not cool at all. 

Last year the same thing happened except the message was not been given to me directly. People have their own way to scare you. Don't ask me what they did. It tear me apart every time I flashback. That's why I deactivate everything last year. 

So far, none confront me. They used technologies. 

Sometimes friends have the guts to ask, "you've change. what happened?" I'll just smile and say "I've grown up". 

You see, sometimes I keep everything to myself because I have problem trusting people lately. But I will still try to smile. Sometimes sarcastic words are thrown to me and even if I laugh, deep down, tears are shed. I keep telling people that they don't know me, but they thought they do. Not one person in this world, really knew me. Not a single living soul. *Sorry besties, I've been keeping too many things inside*

They say the best thing is to talk to friends. How should I know? None of them were really there for me. They are only doing their obligation as a friend.  *No hard feelings to those who does care* 

I used to have a best friend that listen to my problems. Then suddenly, all we knew was that we actually love each other and that destroyed everything after 5 years. I still love him though, despite what happened. 

I had enough of strangers calling me, asking questions, telling me things I already knew. Saying things like "you should know better before you get involve" The heck! Sometimes I don't even understand what these people are talking about!

That is also one of the reason I'm working and doing a part-time degree. To fresh start everything. I thought I was clean. But a call this morning send shivers to my spine. I guess trouble is with me forever. 

Do me a favor will ya? Don't act like you care. Coz I don't even care about myself anymore

Monday, September 17, 2012

God gives us the Earth for us to share. Thats why we have pets

Assalamualaikum and Hi..!

*clear throat*

Today, I would like to share some favorite websites. This is strictly for animal lovers.

hmm... korang tahu tak selain dari SPCA dan PAWS , ada beberapa lagi tempat untuk kita adopt haiwan peliharan. I, as an animal lover, it feels like I need to share this information with people arount the globe.

but first thing first!

I must say how disappointing it is to know that there are some people who claim themselves to be very clean therefore they say pets are pest. Bloody hell these people! God doesn't gives you the world for you to live alone. You must share! As the most brilliant creature, (I suppose) human must protect the earth.

FYI, there is this one thing that we call a nature. Living things around us that gives balance to the world we live in. You go through your daily life without knowing that there is a cycle had been happening even when you are asleep. These cycles had been supplying oxygen and food for human. 


This is a big issue for 'clean people'. They say stray cats brings germs, bacteria, sickness and many more. Do you think they ask to be stray animals? Do you expect SPCA and PAWS to save each and everyone of them? Where is your role then? Owh I know, you are the one who spray the cats with paper spray aren't you? You also kicked them, right? It happened before my very own eyes. It felt like I want to take the paper spray and spray her eyes! Let see how you'll react.

I know sometimes cats bother you while you are eating and it gets to your nerve. Hey, they don't ask for a plate of your meal, they don't ask for a new meal, they don't ask for you to surrender what you are having, THEY ARE ONLY ASKING FOR YOUR SYMPATHIES TO SHARE A PINCH OF WHAT YOU ARE EATING.

Animals never dump people   

If they don't come back, they are lost or somebody has taken them home. 

There are many websites for you to check out during your free time. (Instead of stalking, why not we pay attention to what some generous people are doing) These are all non-profit organisation that has the initiative to help animals and also people. I wish one day I have a shelter of my own. 

Adopting a pet is a commitment that comes with joy. 



The very famous PAWS. It's in Subang, near the airport. I went there once. Full of pets waiting to be adopt. 


btw, I'll give you a some tips that I read in the internet on how to create a multipet household. which means how you can keep more than one type of pet at home.


Another famous organisation that has been helping animals since years ago. They are very similar with PAWS. They organize events, they sponsor animal shows. 

Pet Finder in a website. They do not have a building that I know off. People who wants to give away their pets will create a profile and upload information of their pet(s). Some people sell their pets here, some are giving them away for free for some reasons like 'they are moving overseas and they are not allowed to bring pets' so they need to give them away. For example;

the owner name is there, with the human face. the cats photos will be uploaded too. Information about the pets will be given and the reason for giving them away is there too. Some are free, as you can see. Some are with fees. There are for adoption, for sell, lost & found animals, adopted and sold. There are also animals other than cats and dogs. Rabbits, small animals, reptiles, hamsters.

I just found out about this website. Located in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. They even offer boarding service. Check it out! 

*Mima was the one who introduced me to this website* offers so many topics and many had failed to notice PET WONDERLAND at the Lifestyle section. It is so great! There are many information about all kinds of animal. This is 'adoption thread' where people wants to sell or give away their pets. You must know that the latest post will be in the last page. 

Mima adopt Lemon from a guy she found while she was looking for free guinea pigs at But then she gave Lemon to me. hehehehe.. Lemon is safe and sound in my room, eating, sleeping, wheeking for food everyday. I'm so happy to have Mojo and Lemon with me. They are so cute. Sometimes I hug and talk to them. Don't know of they understand but pets are there to listen because they are here as our companion. And I'm glad to have them.

dah tahu mana nak amek gambar sebenarnya.. twitter jerr..

Cute giler. Cute sampai giler!!

here is the link for tips to people who wants both cat and dog.  Multipet household 

So everyone, adopt a pet. They can help you to feel less lonely. 

Remember, Animals Never Dump People.

p/s: My family have 21cats, 3 hamsters (used to be 27 but I gave them away through Petfinder) and 2 guinea pigs. Most of the cats used to be stray cats, some are cats that people dumped in many places)

Love them, 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rakyat Malaysia yang hilang rasa hormat


jengggjenggjenggg!!!! kalau sampai si Asmira ni dah nak buat entri, mesti hot topik punya!

As most Malaysian know, isu terhangat yang sedang membuak-buak bara api nya adalah isu 'PIJAK KEPALA PERDANA MENTERI '. Yang buat benda tu lagi teruk, dorang melakukan perbuatan tersebut pada malam kemerdekaan. Mari kita ikuti apa kata Asmira Ramlan

pada yang tak tahu apa2, watch that video

Baiklah pembaca semua..

Isu kita disini bukan bangsa atau agama. Sebab kalau soal bangsa kita sebagai warga Malaysia, banyak sangat bangsa yang kita ada. bak kata Harith Iskandar 'Melayu, Cina, India dan lain2' begitu juga soal agama.


Korang, kalau tak suka pemimpin pun, tak payah la sampai pijak kepala. Ye dok? puas ke pijak2 kepala orang tu? bukan betul2 kepala pon, gambar je! 3D pun tidak!! respect la mereka sikit. kau tak rasa kesusahan menjadi orang2 politik.


Nak kata semua muda remaja bujang anak dara pon tidak. Cuba tengok balik video tu. Sebaya ngan mak ayah aku agaknya. haiiiyaaa... Tak de plan lain ke nak dibuat malam merdeka tu? Kalau duk uma pun kat tv tu banyak movie best tau. Mak bapak yang bawak anak memijak2 ni pun ada. apa ke bangang sangat kau bagi contoh kat anak kau?


Yang sampai ada bawak bendera Malaysia ciptaan sendiri tu kenapa? Dah la malam merdeka, kau patotnya kibarkan JALUR GEMILANG, bukan bendera yang ala2 bendera Indonesia tu. Pembaca semua ada tengok bendera Malaysia ciptaan mereka tu mcam mana? Masyaallah... Sampai hati dorang khianat jalur gemilang, dan buat bendera sendiri yang langsung takde jalur. Weyh, setiap jalur, warna dan simbol pada jalur gemilang tu dah diikhtiar 55 tahun lepas tahu tak? Berani2 kau je buat bendera sendiri.


Niat untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai negara republik. Korang ni betul ke nak jadikan corak pemerintahan kita macam Indonesia? macam negara2 republik lain? mungkin dalam masa terdekat rakyat banyak untung, tapi pikir untuk masa depan boleh tak? Negara2 lain punya la sanjung pemerintahan kita yang demokrasi ni, kenapa kita sebagai rakyat perlu membantah?


apa kes ni nak derhaka ngan sultan ke hapa? Jangan la bantah. mereka itu berdaulat. dari nenek moyang kita sultan2 di letakkan tempat yang tertinggi. Aku ada la terbaca ada pihak yang mempertikai sultan Selangor. awak2 semua, kalau pun Sultan kita ada buat salah, itu antara dia dengan Pencipta. kita tak payah jadi orang tengah. Mereka buat kerja mereka, kita buat kerja kita. Mereka adalah golongan terpilih, darah diraja. Tanah ni, tanah mereka. Kita rakyat, tak sama merah darahnya. 


PM tu, bukan lah bapak aku ke, pakcik aku ke, tapi aku marah + geram sangat bila tengok video tu. Padan muka mamat yang tunjuk bontot dia kat gambar Najib. Berita hari ni mengatakan dia dibuang kolej. Minah baju merah tu, dah serah diri kat polis dah pun. itu laa, bila buat tak pikir panjang. mabuk sangat agaknya malam merdeka tu sampai sanggup buat benda yang memalukan macam tu. Korang ingat, kerajaan akan diam je ke korang buat macam tu? sorang2 kerajaaan akan carik, selidik. silap2 ada yang kena buang kerja ke apa nanti. jangan la carik pasal..

Kita tak tahu apa yang terjadi disebalik parlimen dan politik. memang betul - tak semua yang pemerintah cakap itu betul sahaja bulat2, tapi kita ni kerdil. kita ni rakyat. rakyat yang bayar cukai, rakyat yang terima subsidi, yang terima bantuan dari kerajaan. susah sangat ke untuk kita tunjuk hormat kita? susah ke untuk kita respect our superior? memang semua tu politik semata, kita yang tidak berada dalam kerusi tersebut, tak payah sibuk2 nak bangkang sangat. kenapa? PM curik 6juta dari akaun kau ke?

kalau ada yang teramat tak boleh menerima pemerintah kita, satu je cara yang aku nampak sekarang; KELUAR DARI MALAYSIA, PERGI DUDUK NEGARA LAIN. kau rasa Malaysia ni teruk kan? pergi la duk tempat lain. pergi duk Singapore. baru kau rasa macam mana disiplin Singaporean. takde pun mereka sibuk nak buat Bersih ka, Kotor ka, tunjuk perasaan ka hapa. pastu sibuk cakap "kenapa la semua negara kenal Singapore tapi bukan Malaysia?" kau pikir la sendiri. dengan pemerintah pun tak reti nak hormat, kau nak harapkan macam2..?

makin dipikir, sakit hati. tak paham macam mana ada rakyat yang boleh buat benda macam tu tanpa pikirkan kesannya. 

pikirkan la apa yang terbaik untuk semua, bukan untuk parti korang, bukan untuk bangsa korang, tapi untuk semua rakyat Malaysia. okay? tak mo la kita jadi seperti mereka yang tak reti hormat orang, tak bersivik. nanti apa kata negara luar..?

signing off,

Saturday, June 23, 2012



entri ini mungkin akan mengeluarkan kata2 yang mampu melukakan hati seseorang, jadi patik minta maaf awal2..

memang entri ini ditujukan kepada bebudak EE uitm shah alam. Namun, perlu dingatkan bahawa bukan semuanya terlibat. gambar2 yang di upload juga telah di censored kan bagi menutup aib pihak yang terlibat. EE batch or group brapa, aku pn tak tahu.. Kita semua jadikan contoh dan renung2kan laa..

kisahnya bermula apabila abangku tersayang masuk bilik aku 2 jam lepas. aku tengah online, usha kereta sewa kat Langkawi sebab next week nak g bercuti! mehehehe~~ so, sedang aku online, abangku masuk bilik dan memulakan perbualannya. Abangku sayang cerita pasal kucing2 so aku join la dia borak2. tetiba abangku cakap..

"adikku sayang, abang mu nak bertanya pendapat" 

aku pandang la.. "kenapa abang sayang?"

"pasal classmates abang" aku jadi pelik. "kenapa dengan dorang?"

"abang sebenarnya ada masalah dengan jadual exam. abang boleh bukak page tu cuma abang tak paham sikit. time ada, subject ada, tapi tak jumpa venue kat mana. so abang post la kat group FB. tanya classmates boleh tolong gitau ke hapa. tapi abang dapat jawapan yang tak sedap dibaca" 

*aku dah bukak jadual tu and aku pn tak paham. lagipun aku mmg bkn student uitm so lagilah aku tak paham*

aku bertanya, "dorang cakap apa kat abang?"

abang aku terus g lappy aku *Naima namanya* dan bukak IE. dia bkak FB dia and terus tunjuk jwpn classmates dia. ini macam..

honestly la kan, abang aku terasa dengan cara kawan dia tu cakap. macam susah sangat agaknya nak gitau exam kat mana. duit sikit pn tak keluar, energy brapa kcal je la kan..? abang aku bukan suka2 nak tanya classmates dia. dah dia tak paham, dia tanya la. dia bukn bijak boleh dapat DL. nak 3.0 pn susah.

Ini bukan kali pertama rupanya abang aku di ignore kwn2..

semua orang tak reply.. cuba kalau jadi kat korang, sedih tak? wahai classmates abang ku, korang tahu kan abang aku fail satu subject last sem? dia cakap kat mama fail sebab project tak jadi, rosak ke hapa benda cam tu la. tapi dalam family aku sorang je yg tahu sebabnya..

Abang aku ni kerja part time sabtu ahad. kau ingat tak penat k? penat gila weyh. aku tahu, aku paham sebab masa aku Asasi dulu pn aku buat benda sama. kerja sabtu ahad untuk tampung belanja. kitaorng ni bukan jenis mintak duit kat mak bapak. kami carik duit sendiri. classmates abang aku bukn tak tahu yang dia kerja. tapi masing2 tak paham sebab loaded la katakan. diaorng ingat abang aku krja suka2 agaknya. so project yang kononnya tak jadi tu, sebenarnya group abang aku report kat lecturer yang abang aku tak cooperate so lecturer gave him zero. 

dah la korang sendiri start project tu lambat, pastu nak kejar deadline punya pasal, korang kick je abang aku without bincang dengan dia. cuba kalau orang buat macam tu kat korang, bengang tak? kecik hati tak? kecewa tak? 

korang tak pernah reply kalau dia mintak tolong kat page group tu. Tell me, apa tujuan korang buat group tu kalau tak boleh nak share information? aku kesian sangat bila abang aku tanya tadi; "kau rasa, apa abang patut rasa kalau orang jawab macam tu?"

memang abang aku tu tak handsome macam korang, tak sepandai korang, tak banyak duit mcm korang, tapi dia tetap classmates korang tau. korang tahu tak betapa besar dosa buat orang rasa macam tu? baik kau mintak maaf cepat.

memang abang aku mengaku dia ada skip klas, datang lambat, etc, etc, but that does not give you the right to ignore him. dia diam je korang buat macam tu tau. aku slalu nampak dia bukak fb tapi muka tak pernah senyum. now i know why. hina sangat agakya sampai nak mintak tolong pn payah kan?

aku ni tak sepandai korang boleh amek engineering. amek language based je. tapi aku tahu adab. dan adab korang treat abang aku macam ni tak betul, tahu tak..? tengok ni..

*yang merah tu abng aku*

nampak tak apa bdk bawah aku tu reply..? kalau iya pn kau tak tahu details tu, kau cakap je la kau tak tahu.. payah agaknya nak berbudi bahasa.

bercakap tentang berbudi bahasa, aku mengaku yang abang aku ni pn tak de la cantik sangat bahasanya. tapi tak teruk juga. tak de la sampai panggil pmpuan bitch ke hapa. dah itu memang cara dia. tapi aku tahu dia tak pernah berkasar dengan member2 dia. 

antara ayat abang aku yang menyentuh hati:

"susah sangat ke dorang nak jawab soalan abang?"

"abang tahu dorang tak rapat, tak brapa nak suka abang for whatever reason, tapi abang mintak tolong elok2. klau dorang mntak tolong, boleh je abg tolong. tang abng? tak sapa tolong"

"abg lagi suka bila abang buat dip dulu. kawan2 semua boleh diharap. tak macam skarang, semua tolak abg tepi"

weyh future engineers. kalau inilah perangai korang, korang ingat korang bole excel lepas grad nanti? dunia ni bukan korang punya, bukan korang susun jalan sendiri. satu hari nanti, mungkin korang yang carik abang aku, terhegeh2 mintak tolong. aku kenal ramai engineers. semua cina. langsung perangai tak macam korang. sombong. angkuh. 

kalau ada yang kenal abang aku, diam2 je la. tak payah condemn classmates dia, tak payah condemn dia. ini blog aku. aku boleh tulis apa aku nak. abang aku tak tahu pon yang aku tulis ni. dia tak tahu pn yng aku hack fb dia and print screen. 

jadikan pedoman, jadikan teladan.

mintak maaf sekali lagi. aku tak suka abang aku dilayan macam ini. 


Monday, May 21, 2012

Inilah mukadimah sasusunod. Bismillah..

Assalamualaikum bloggers, readers, stalker(s), fans *kihkihih*

*tarik nafas, lepas..* 

lamanya minah ni tak post pape kat blog. surat peminat sampai tak terbalas dah. maaflah hampakan anda semua. bukan sengaja nak senyapkan diri. tapi, tapi, tapi... memang sengaja sebenarnya. 

Bagi yang baru mula nak mengenali SaSusunod, jangan tanya kenapa nama blog ni ala-ala filipino berkata-kata. alang-alang dah ada yng tertanya, meh aku cakap - dulu aku pernah ada boipren orang Filipino. tamat. -

sebenarnya, aku ada masalah sikit dengan orang-orang kat Manchester. terpaksa aku tukar URL and delete segala post aku yang sudah berusia DUA TAHUN itu. depa tuh sakit hati sangat ngan aku sampai stalk2 la, hantar orang baling belon penuh cat merah depan rumah paksa-paksa aku berhenti blogging. siapa percaya? tak tertipu? tahniah. anda lulus. 

sedih gak sebenarnya nak buang segala karya aku yang agung. dua tahun aku berblogging tetiba nak delete segala memori, sapa tak syahdu seperti di pagi raya, betul tak? ye, aku memang selalu betul. kalau kau kata aku salah, tutup page ini sekarang juga. kembali semula pabila anda rasa saya sentiasa betul. terima kasih

satu lagi sebab sebenarnya sebab lappy aku yang bernama Harry eksiden muka pecah sejak tahun lepas lagi. burok benor rupa Harry. sebab tak mampu nak buat plastic surgery, daku menjual organ-organ Harry. nasib baik pirates kat Low Yatt sanggup terima kehuduhan Harry dengan harga 300 ringgit. so now, new lappy. *aku nak cakap aku beli laptop baru sebenarnya*

*Inilah anak tiri baru, Naima namanya* credits to Nyna Roxford
baik kau cakap cantik, kalau tak aku hantar virus kat lappy kau.

sila ambil perhatian:
saya ada hobi baru iaitu menternak hamster! 

*ini baru 9 ekor. ada 4 cage lagi. terima kasih*
kenapa aku suka berterima kasih ni?

sila lihat iklan menjual hamster disebelah kiri SaSusunod. terima kasih.

*weyh penatnya menaip*

dalam blog ini, saya nak tayang long-lost cousin saya:

*jangan bagi tahu dia wajahnya dibuat tayangan umum*
*sila jangan terpikat*


yaaaa.... siapa nak masuk meminang, sila tinggalkan num tepon. terima kasih. namanya azawani. kitaorang panggil dia wanie, family panggil dia along. jangan tertipu dengan penyamaran dia seperti jejaka kacak itu. *tak salah berkias* ngehehehe~ mampus aku kena bunuh dengan dia nanti. ada wanie best... semua jejaka tak handsome tak kan berani nak kacau aku disebabkan muka wanie yang brutal itu. 

enough about her. 
aku dah penat menaip.
tak nak taip lagi dah.

nantikan post seterusnya:


baca ye..? bagi yang belum follow twitter, follow la. mana tahu dapat menambah peluang bertemu jodoh..? hebattttttt

p/s: dah hilang signature cantik tuh...tsktsktsk..