Monday, September 17, 2012

God gives us the Earth for us to share. Thats why we have pets

Assalamualaikum and Hi..!

*clear throat*

Today, I would like to share some favorite websites. This is strictly for animal lovers.

hmm... korang tahu tak selain dari SPCA dan PAWS , ada beberapa lagi tempat untuk kita adopt haiwan peliharan. I, as an animal lover, it feels like I need to share this information with people arount the globe.

but first thing first!

I must say how disappointing it is to know that there are some people who claim themselves to be very clean therefore they say pets are pest. Bloody hell these people! God doesn't gives you the world for you to live alone. You must share! As the most brilliant creature, (I suppose) human must protect the earth.

FYI, there is this one thing that we call a nature. Living things around us that gives balance to the world we live in. You go through your daily life without knowing that there is a cycle had been happening even when you are asleep. These cycles had been supplying oxygen and food for human. 


This is a big issue for 'clean people'. They say stray cats brings germs, bacteria, sickness and many more. Do you think they ask to be stray animals? Do you expect SPCA and PAWS to save each and everyone of them? Where is your role then? Owh I know, you are the one who spray the cats with paper spray aren't you? You also kicked them, right? It happened before my very own eyes. It felt like I want to take the paper spray and spray her eyes! Let see how you'll react.

I know sometimes cats bother you while you are eating and it gets to your nerve. Hey, they don't ask for a plate of your meal, they don't ask for a new meal, they don't ask for you to surrender what you are having, THEY ARE ONLY ASKING FOR YOUR SYMPATHIES TO SHARE A PINCH OF WHAT YOU ARE EATING.

Animals never dump people   

If they don't come back, they are lost or somebody has taken them home. 

There are many websites for you to check out during your free time. (Instead of stalking, why not we pay attention to what some generous people are doing) These are all non-profit organisation that has the initiative to help animals and also people. I wish one day I have a shelter of my own. 

Adopting a pet is a commitment that comes with joy. 



The very famous PAWS. It's in Subang, near the airport. I went there once. Full of pets waiting to be adopt. 


btw, I'll give you a some tips that I read in the internet on how to create a multipet household. which means how you can keep more than one type of pet at home.


Another famous organisation that has been helping animals since years ago. They are very similar with PAWS. They organize events, they sponsor animal shows. 

Pet Finder in a website. They do not have a building that I know off. People who wants to give away their pets will create a profile and upload information of their pet(s). Some people sell their pets here, some are giving them away for free for some reasons like 'they are moving overseas and they are not allowed to bring pets' so they need to give them away. For example;

the owner name is there, with the human face. the cats photos will be uploaded too. Information about the pets will be given and the reason for giving them away is there too. Some are free, as you can see. Some are with fees. There are for adoption, for sell, lost & found animals, adopted and sold. There are also animals other than cats and dogs. Rabbits, small animals, reptiles, hamsters.

I just found out about this website. Located in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. They even offer boarding service. Check it out! 

*Mima was the one who introduced me to this website* offers so many topics and many had failed to notice PET WONDERLAND at the Lifestyle section. It is so great! There are many information about all kinds of animal. This is 'adoption thread' where people wants to sell or give away their pets. You must know that the latest post will be in the last page. 

Mima adopt Lemon from a guy she found while she was looking for free guinea pigs at But then she gave Lemon to me. hehehehe.. Lemon is safe and sound in my room, eating, sleeping, wheeking for food everyday. I'm so happy to have Mojo and Lemon with me. They are so cute. Sometimes I hug and talk to them. Don't know of they understand but pets are there to listen because they are here as our companion. And I'm glad to have them.

dah tahu mana nak amek gambar sebenarnya.. twitter jerr..

Cute giler. Cute sampai giler!!

here is the link for tips to people who wants both cat and dog.  Multipet household 

So everyone, adopt a pet. They can help you to feel less lonely. 

Remember, Animals Never Dump People.

p/s: My family have 21cats, 3 hamsters (used to be 27 but I gave them away through Petfinder) and 2 guinea pigs. Most of the cats used to be stray cats, some are cats that people dumped in many places)

Love them, 

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